What to include on Your Car Maintenance Checklist


So you just bought a new car and it’s been running smooth as silk. You might think there’s no maintenance necessary at this point yet. Well, you’re wrong. If you want to keep your car running the way you want it, proper car upkeep is very important. Whether this is your first or nth car, there’s no excuse if you want to make the most of this investment.

Start marking the calendar and let’s start off checking these ten top things you need to maintain to ensure your car is always in its tip top shape:

1. Brakes

Other than tires, your car’s brake system is one of the most important things to properly maintain. Bad brakes, at the end of the day, will not only inconvenience you but it can potentially put your safety at risk. Be sure to monitor the brake-pad and change the fluid level whenever necessary.

2. Tires

Tires wear out eventually and soon enough you’ll need a fresh replacement. How do you know when its tie to ditch the old tires? By checking the tire wear patterns. You can do so by using a tread depth gauge or you can simply use a penny. Stick it upside down in the tire grooves and if you see the head, it’s time to buy new ones. Here are tips and tricks when buying new car tires.

3. Coolant

Ranking third on the car maintenance checklist is the coolant. This is the liquid in your radiator that serves multiple purposes. Make sure you keep an eye on its level as well as its potency level. Naturally, it diminishes over time so keep it in mind to replace it maybe every 2 years.

4. Belts

Engine and timing belts are another important car parts you need properly maintained. In general, these belts need replacement every three years. This is so other parts of your car such as the water pump or alternator remain working efficiently. If either the timing or engine belt is not in good shape, it may lead to a major engine problem and a mechanic visit.

5. Spark plugs

Spark plugs may be a small part of your engine but they sure play a major role with respect to combustion. In fact, spark plugs are the ones that make combustion happen. If your engine burns cleanly, this results in less maintenance so it really does pay to keep an eye on those spark plugs.

6. Fluid & filter

Fluid for automatic cars is like the oil that keeps the engine running smoothly by making sure the operating temperature is within the safe range. Failing to keep up with your car’s fluid and filter will only lead to more problems financially and mechanically. Rather than ignore this aspect of your car maintenance, might as well pay attention now.

7. Air filter

You may not see it but you’ll sure feel it especially since your engine relies a lot on air for it to run. To make sure your engine’s air and airflow sensor are clean, you need to replace your air filter regularly probably every twelve months or 12,000 miles.

8. Battery

Yes, you can make sure that the battery’s terminals are always clean and the charging system works well but you’ll still need to replace the batter at some point. When buying a new battery, make sure you buy one that is in sync with your manufacturer’s specifications.

9. Power steering fluid

This fluid is responsible for keeping the steering system lubricated. Make sure you check the level regularly and top it off as needed.

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