How to Properly Care for Your Car Battery


Just like the tires and other parts of your car, the battery is bound to wear out over time. Unfortunately, the battery is one of those parts we fail to check regularly. Because of negligence, you’ll soon find yourself buying a new battery before it’s actually due for replacement.

To make the most of your car’s battery, there are some things you need to keep an eye on. The trouble spots, in particular, are very important. Keep them clean and well maintained and you’re sure to get the most life out of your battery.
Here are things you need to do to keep your battery in check:

1. Keep the terminals clean

Do you see that powdery stuff on your battery’s positive and negative terminals? They are made of battery acid you need to clean off. But before you go ahead and start cleaning, make sure the cables are removed from the terminals.

2. Remove the cables

To remove the cables, start with the negative terminal first by simply undoing the nut so the clamp is removed from the terminal. When done, use baking soda to clean the terminals using a toothbrush or scrub.

3. Keep everything dry

After cleaning the terminals, make sure to dry the battery with a rag. While at it, make sure you don’t get your hands on with those powdery deposits.

4. Reconnect the terminals

Once the terminals are dry, put back the positive and negative cables back. Do the positive cables first then the negative. After which, grease the terminals to prevent deposit formation.

5. Check the battery cables and clamps

If you happen to see any type of corrosion or fraying on the cables or clamps, you might want to consider a replacement if the damage calls for it. You may ask a mechanic to confirm if you’re unsure of the degree of damage.

6. Check the battery’s electrolyte

If you’re battery is especially old, you’d also want to check the battery’s electrolyte. Charge it if necessary or replace it if the charging did not do anything good.

7. Double check battery case and terminals

Before closing the hood, make sure to double check the battery case. If you see any significant crack, a replacement may be necessary. If the terminals also have any major damage, it might be time to ditch the old and buy a new one.

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