Best Fuel Economy Cars for 2015


One of the most costly expenses every car owner has no choice but to deal with is gas expenses. Whether gas prices have gone up or down, you still need to buy it either way. If you’re buying a new car and you want to save money, it pays to have the long term view in mind. Meaning it’s best to buy a vehicle designed with fuel efficiency in mind.

With manufacturers becoming more in sync with what the consumers need, there are now choices for you to look into. But with so many cars to compare, it can all get confusing at some point. Just remember that you’re looking for one with high fuel economy and low emission. To further help you along, here are some of the best fuel economy cars in 2015:

BMW i3

Compact but packed with features, this car is a champ when it comes to fuel economy boasting an equivalent of 170 horsepower to the pavement.

Volkswagen e-Golf

A new offering from Volkswagen this 2015, the compact car in electrified version packs a punch when it comes to its 115-hp electric motor. One charge can typically run 70 to 90 miles.

Nissan Leaf

If you’re looking for the right blend of price, style and function, the Nissan Leaf is definitely worth a second look. It is packed with 107-horsepower equivalent electric motor at a cost effective price most people can afford.

Kia Soul EV

Another new offering for 2015, the Kia Soul EV Boasts a compact hatchback look with operating range up to 93 miles.
Ford Focus Electric

If you love the Ford Focus sedan, this is the all-electric version you can count on for best fuel economy. The car is advertised to have an operating range up to 76 miles in one charge.

Tesla Model S

Sleek and stylish, the luxurious sedan may be expensive and above most people’s budget for a fuel economy ride but this one sure steals the spotlight. It promises a maximum distance of either 208 or 265 miles depending on your battery packs.

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